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We manage a network of fabrication labs that gives access to manual and digital fabrication machines across Egypt, The labs and the machines included are available for anyone to use to make almost anything, including robotics, furniture, and installations. Young children, college students, entrepreneurs, and businesses materialize and prototype their ideas in the labs. With our seven labs across Egypt, we share our machines, tools, skills, resources, and ideas with the community to create new opportunities for economic and social benefit. 

PCB Production

Through our network, we provide a wide-range PCB Production services starting from only ONE Single-sided PCB Prototype using milling techniques up to hundreds of six-layer professional PCBs. We also provide design and assembly services.

3D Printing

3D Printing is now involved in all fields and industries. Our facilities provide different 3D Printing techniques including FDM, DLP, and SLA 3D Printing. Our gear includes a wide-range of 3D Printers including low-budget to top-notch equipment. You can have file printed right away, and definitely, we would love to support with our design services if needed.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting can be used in the fabrication of architectural models, site models, 1:1 prototypes, decorative objects and more. The precision and speed of laser cutting enables clean outcomes and the production of shapes which can be assembled into presentation quality models.

The Fab Lab laser cutters process flat sheet materials of varying thickness, and are able to achieve three types of outcomes:

CNC Milling

We provide different CNC Machining techniques that can be used to shape, drill, cut, carve a wide-array of materials. CNC Milling specefically can be used to fabricate prototypes, furniture, signs, enclosures, etc...

We also provide technical support services in design and molding.

Vinyl Cutting

Vinyl cutters can work with different materials, including vinyl, paper, cardboard, textiles, etc...

It can be used in creating stickers, signs, cars, clothing, and accessories. One of the special applications Fab Labs use the machine for is flexible circuit boards that get fabricated using copper tape and then used in e-textiles and wearable devices.

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